Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Teaching schedule in 2011...

The new academic year is almost upon us and I have a lot of teaching to do this year. I'll be teaching and mentoring on the Master of Creative Writing programme at AUT Centre for Creative Writing throughout the year plus teaching the VOICES paper on their BA Programme .

The Centre also have a paper which is proving increasingly popular, the Special Project Paper, a 30 credit paper where the student works with a Mentor on a piece (or series of pieces) of their choosing, developing it through to submission stage. This paper has no structured or set class times but involves submission of samples for critiquing and analysis, then follow-up meetings face to face. It's popular with those students who can't devote a set number of hours per week for structured classes (working people, mothers with children etc) or prefer to work with a more fluid structure. Technical points are covered as and when they come up in the writing samples and projected future work. It's a good way to progress work on a story collection or a longer single work over the course of a semester. I'm now having students sign up for successive semesters. It's also a decent preparation for the writer/mentor environment a student will later work with on the Masters programme (if that's a future step they have planned.)

I'll also be teaching at Unitec School of Communication Studies  in both Semester 1 and 2. I've been teaching their Introduction to Narrative Course since 2008 and we're adding a Narrative - Stage Two paper this Semester to take the study of the field further. I'm told this is the most 'Westerly' creative writing paper in Auckland and the classes cater to a very vibrant storytelling community that doesn't get much exposure.

If you're in Auckland, have a look at some of these options.

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