Friday, July 1, 2011

Scripted to oblivion

One of the more worrying trends in political communication in recent years has been the very obvious scripting of politicians to 'stay on message.' The hand of the scriptwriter is all too obvious, and we run the risk of never hearing our politicians tackle questions with frankness and honesty.

Consider this appalling example from British politician Ed Miliband. If you saw only a brief 'made for television' soundbite, then you'd get one impression. But the BBC here have put the entire entire charade online. Watch how he says his scripted piece, then faced with 3-4 other genuine questions, says exactly the same thing each time.

This is non-speak, and because the writing itself is likely just a catch all cry to his support base, it's non-writing too. I'd guess most fiction created is more honest than this.

(Nb: at least the Maoi (statues) on Rapanui (Easter Island) have symbolic power.)

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