Friday, September 14, 2012


Picked up an old Granta from the public library (Granta 100, Winter 2007) last week and came across these lovely quotes from the following three writers.

 From Marie NDiaye:

'Marie, why do you write?'

'I've been writing for a long time to try and establish a little bit of order
 in what seems like one big confusion: the world, language, thoughts.
I want to get all of this clear, focus it as you do in photography: at the beginning all blurred. But then you start to focus and the object appears in all its clarity. For me it is the same with the act of writing. Writing is the focussing of what surrounds us.' (p258)

From Richard Ford:

'Richard Ford, do you know what's important to you?'

'No, but I can make it up.'  (p290)

Here is a link to a recent Guardian Interview with Ford where he does talk a little about what's important to him.

From Gao Xingjian:

'Gao Xingjian, what have you never done that you would like to do?'

'Music. Inside of me there is a rhythm. But it's very complicated
to make it real.' (p312)

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